Yamaha Motiv, Surprise From Yamaha For 2019

Yamaha Motiv 2019 Photo 1

At Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Yamaha prepared a surprise by presenting a car concept that they design. This car is scheduled to begin production and released to the market in 2019. This car is Named Yamaha Motiv.

This car is the result of collaboration between Yamaha with former Formula One designer, Gordon Murray. Yamaha Motiv is model city car and carrying two passengers.

This car is scheduled will using an electric-powered engines and environmentally friendly. But yamaha also gives the option to Yamaha Motiv that uses gasoline.

Interior of Yamaha Motiv equipped with audio switching sophisticated and look modern. Yamaha Motiv made to give the sensation of a modern car with feel of comfort that can be felt while driving.

Interior Design of Yamaha Motiv

Dashboard of Yamaha Motiv

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