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Wally Power 118, Luxuries And Speed On A Yacht

Wally Power 118 photo2

Wally Power 118 is a yacht that is specifically designed to be stable in the maximum speed. Hull shape and the wind tunnel of Wally Power 118 is designed specifically to be speeding through the waves.

From the exterior, Wally Power 118 is colored dark green metallic that can reflect the change color based light and landscape. While in the interior, cockpit, navigation and dining room was designed to be one element from the stern to the bow. In the dining room, we can also enjoy the whole view. For privacy space, Wally Power 118 provides a deck that has a hidden compartment. This boat is also equipped with 6 plasma screen TV.

At the owner’s cabin is equipped with a king size bed, side cabinet and bathroom. While the guest’s cabins are equipped with a queen-size bed and a bathroom. In the kitchen is equipped with oven, stove, television and fridge.

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