Vespa Primavera Shown With Style Color Blend

Entering 2015, Vespa launch Primavera latest edition. Vespa Primavera look attractive with fascinating mix of colors and suitable for styles of young people are cheerful.

New Vespa Primavera still adopting style of Vespa 946 are very modern. Supported by leading edge technology but still maintaining the distinctive design of Vespa. This motor is equipped with turn signal indicator lights and placement of LED Daylight Running Light.

Design 11 inch of alloy wheels look new with batteries placed in position of rider deck. So make the seat more widely of 16.6 liters. By using the dual vibration damping makes machine vibration more subtle.

One of the main charm of Vespa Primavera is blend of leather seats color with motor body. This time Vespa featuring new colors such as Montebianco, Blue Midnight, Rosso Dragon, Marrone Crete Senesi and Nero Vulcano. Vespa Primavera is available in two engine options, 125 cc and 150 cc.

New Vespa Primavera 2015 - 1

New Vespa Primavera 2015 - 5

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