Very Inspiring Design Ideas of Bedrooms Bookshelves for Book Lovers

Book is one of the world’s windows. Not surprisingly for those who like to read books have a huge collection of books. And reading a book before bed becomes a routine. A bookshelf is needed to organize all of your vast collection of books. And more importantly, the bookcase is in the bedroom making it easier to read when going to bed. Here are some bedrooms bookshelves design ideas that are inspirational.

1. Bedroom with Wall White Bookcase

Bedroom with Wall White Bookcase

This modestly designed white bookcase fills the wall facing the mattress. Each box in the bookshelf is large enough to accommodate several books. Some decorative can also be placed in the box. Also provided a TV cabinet hidden behind a sliding door. And a long table completes the design of this bookcase.

2. Library Style Bedroom

Library Style Bedroom

The design of this library-style bedroom is filled with bookshelves on all sides. The bookcase design is made like a bookcase design in a library. It takes a lot of space to create a bedroom bookshelves design like this, one of which should sacrifice your wardrobe.

3. Loft Bedroom with Window Gray Bookcase

Loft Bedroom with Window Grey Bookcase

Dominated by a white color scheme, this rooftop bedroom features a gray bookshelf positioned between the windows. There is also a study area equipped with a bookcase that occupies a hidden space.

4. Bedroom with Simple Bookshelves

Bedroom with Simple Bookshelves

The bedroom is equipped with a simple bookshelf with a line model positioned above a bench seat.

5. Bespoke Book Shelving Bedroom

Bespoke Book Shelving Bedroom

The bedroom with the bespoke book shelving is designed to take advantage of the space around. Placed between two large windows, the bookshelves are equipped with a librarian’s ladder to make it easy to pick up a book on the top shelf.

6. Bedroom with Headboard Bookcase

Bedroom with Headboard Bookcase

The headboard bookcase displays a stack of books in ten holes that are coated with LEDs. This headboard bookcase model is suitable for book lovers who want to show off their collection of books with more style.

7. Bedroom with Symmetrical Roof and Bookshelves

Bedroom with Symmetrical Roof and Built in Bookcase

The bedroom has symmetrical roof-shaped canopy and has bookcases located in the corner of the ceiling and built in sleeping area near mattress that very accessible.

8. Spacious Library Style Bedroom

Spacious Library Style Bedroom

This spacious bedroom adopts the library style by providing a reading area with comfortable chairs. A small bookshelf is also provided behind the headboard of the bed which also serves as a separator between the bed and the walkway into the reading area.

9. Masculine Bedroom with Bookshelf Separator

Masculine Bedroom with Separator Bookcase

The masculine bedroom is equipped with a ceiling height bookcase that serves as a separator between sleeping area with walk-in wardrobe.

10. Bedroom with Bespoke Platform Bookcase

Bedroom with Bespoke Platform Bookcase

The bedroom that have large glass from wall to ceiling is equipped with bespoke bookcase that is built to match the sloping wall of the bedroom.

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