Velpa Restaurant




To satisfy our desire for an elegant culinary with a delicious cuisine menu, culinary connoisseurs have found time to visit Velpa Restaurant. Velpa Restaurant trying to fulfill needs of the metropolis for a high-class culinary dishes with a special menu like Western fusion food, cocktails and winepost by using the concept of casual dining.

Velpa Restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere with country style concept in interior design so able to provide a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. Besides good interior design, Velpa Restaurant also offers performances from local bands and resident DJs to add warm ambience.

Food menu provided by Velpa Restaurant is also very interesting, such as The Original Cowboys Steak with beef old premium and crispy lotus doused with Jack Daniels sauce that can provide a special taste for us.

Besides special food menu, Velpa Restaurant also provides collection of drinks that decent to tested, like wine collection with premium quality imported from Italy, France, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and Chile.




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