Unique Farm Fresh Dining Concept in Singapore by Open Farm Community

Spa Esprit Group’s collaboration with Edible Garden City and Tippling Club’s Chef Ryan Clift opening the OFC (Open Farm Community) which presents a unique farm-fresh dining concept to the city for the first time in Singapore.

The best local agricultural ingredients selected and made into a variety of delicious new dishes. From the various of available menu options include roasted short rib with crispy kuzu noodles and buttery green asparagus typical of Vietnam, and the coconut laksa barramundi with bok choy and crushed potato cake and a great selection of pasta.

Open Farm Community stands to show the love of local agricultural products. OFC also encourages the citizens to enjoy healthy food with good quality ingredients produced by local farmers. In addition, it can also inspire the local chefs to support Singapore’s urban farming community.

Open Farm Community also point this event is not just a dining experience, but it can support a variety of educational events such as workshops urban agriculture, farmer’s markets, and the perfect day out with family and friends.

Minden Road Pestro Trofie by Open Farm Community

Roasted Short Rib by Open Farm Community

Coconut Laksa Baramundi by Open Farm Community

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