Theatrical Style Luxury at Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi

Hotel De L'Opera Hanoi

Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi is a theatrical style hotel inspired of historic staging building in Hanoi. This hotel officially opened in June 2011 under the management of MGallery. Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi is a five star hotel which is located the Old Quarter and surrounded by places and famous buildings such as the Old Quarter cafes Bentley, the French cultural institutions, luxury boutique of Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

The Courtyard of Hotel De L'Opera Hanoi 2
The exterior of this hotel looks like a colonial legacy, but the interior more like a boutique by Philippe Starck. Some accessories with theatrical style are presented from the lobby to the rooms. Attractive design of this hotel is a work of DWP, an agency that worked on the project of Hard Rock Hotel Dubai and Sirocco in Bangkok. Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi has 112 rooms that are divided into four classes.

Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi has a main restaurant which is located in the lobby called Lautrec. Menu that must be tasted at this restaurant is all foods with ingredients French typical bread. Wine list can be selected via iPad provided by waitress. Beside Lautrec, Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi has another restaurant, Satine and La Fee Verte Bar.

Facilities at this hotel among others swimming pool, spa and gym. Internet connection is free available throughout of the hotel area. This hotel also offers four meeting rooms with capacity up to 200 people. Plus the ground floor that could be converted into a conference room. For guests who want to travel in Hanoi and the surrounding region, Hotel De L’Opera Hanoi provides consulting services in the lobby area.

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