The New MacBook, Successor Generation Thin Laptop From Apple

Apple New MacBook 2015

Apple launched new MacBook that thinner, lighter and more powerful than MacBook Air. This laptop are built as the next generation of MacBook Air, Apple calls their latest product as New MacBook.

To design New MacBook becomes thinner than MacBook Air, Apple made some new breakthrough from the side of keyboard, trackpad and component placement. For the design of keyboard, Apple made a new technology called Butterfly Mechanism because its structure is similar to the wings of a butterfly.

Keyboard design by Apple make MacBook keyboard more accurate, more stable, wider and thinner. Apple also added LED lights in each key that makes New MacBook is more effective when used in a dark place.

On the trackpad, Apple added a technology called Force Touch, which can detect your strength when pressing trackpad surface. This pressure replaces the function of click that we know so far. New MacBook trackpad equipped with four sensors in each corner. This sensor can respond back each time you press the trackpad, so you don’t just see what’s happening on screen of MacBook, but also can feel it.

Apple also manipulate the logic board by removing fan, so it size is much smaller than the logic board of MacBook Air. Then the empty space is utilized Apple to put parallel battery circuit in order to increase battery capacity and make New MacBook can last longer.

Another feature of Apple New MacBook is Retina Display resolution 2304 x 1440p for showing clearer pictures. On the connectivity, New Macbook only provides one port called USB-C. This port is new USB reversible connectivity standard in the industry that you can use to power, transfer of power, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA.

Apple New MacBook

Apple New MacBook Display

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