The Modern Industrial Concrete Apartment by de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architect

The modern industrial concrete apartment has ample lighting and looks very spacious. This apartment was designed by de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects by stressing concrete structures as shades of industry with a touch of bold orange.

The kitchen in this apartment is dominated by bright orange. All kitchen appliances hidden in the closet to give the appearance of neat and clean. While the dining room lined with wood which makes it look very cozy.

While interior of bedroom is simple with concrete walls and wooden floors. As for the main bedroom added multifunctional rack made of wood for storing books, stuff, and a collection of shoes.

In this apartment there is also a simple relaxing room is decorated with comfortable red chairs and long couches to enjoy the scenery while sleeping.

The Living Space

The Industrial Loft with an Open Plan and Bold Orange Touches

Simple Relaxing Room

A Red Motorcycle is a part of the Decor

The Master Bedroom

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