The Fragrances Mood Booster

Fragrances can be uplifting. Even some fragrances can also act as a mood booster. The following will discuss some of the fragrances that can change your mood.

Britney Spears Believe is a fragrance with refreshing scent of the composition of patchouli, amber and pink pralines are able to create a fun and energetic mood. Plus a minimalist bottle design with triangular shape that give a modern impression. Beside that, the feel of sensuality with the collaboration of floral and exotic fruits make the aroma of this fragrance can be uplifting.

Burberry Brit Limited Edition For Women is a fragrance with metallic shades that collaborated with the Burberry iconic pattern. Added aroma of spices mixed with citrus freshness that makes this fragrance exudes the impression of exclusivity and elegance with extraordinary flavor.

A Scent By Issey Miyake is a fragrance with simple and beautiful scent. This perfume bottle using pastel pink color that gives a signal soft and graceful feminine fragrance. Added with the scent of jasmine, hyacinth and galbanum makes this aroma like a breath of fresh air.


Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame is a fragrance with rose freshness, patchouli plus warmth of musk and cedar. The black color on the bottle design gives an overview elegant woman but mysterious. This fragrance invites every woman to reveal the other side of femininity.


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