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equipped with various superior features

Leica Q2, High End Compact Mirrorless Camera

Leica always provides the best photography experience for its customers. Leica Q2 comes with dust and water resistance and is equipped with various superior features. One of the most prominent changes of the high-end compact compared to its predecessor…

With the strength of the resolution of 80 megapixels, the image produced by the camera is very large and can be cut into smaller high-resolution shots

Exceptional Phase One XF Camera System

Danish company specializing in high-end digital photography equipment and software, Phase One launch high quality medium format camera system called Phase One XF. This camera system enables professional photographers to photograph the exceptional 80-megapixel still images with a dynamic…

Phase One Alpha A Series, Smart and Classy Camera 1

Phase One Alpha A Series, Smart and Classy Camera

To pursue the world of photography now is very easy. Many software pampering amateur photographers to produce a classy work like a professional photographer. And Phase One Alpha A Series can help you to explore the world of photography.…

Canon EOS Rabel SL1, The Smallest DSLR Camera - 8

Canon EOS Rebel SL1, The Smallest DSLR Camera

Canon has always tried to give an innovation in the world of photography. This time, Canon shows its latest innovation with the smallest DSLR camera. Canon EOS Rebel SL1 claimed by Canon as the world’s smallest DSLR camera. Canon…