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Fully glazed wall allows the living room to be connected to an outdoor area

Remodel Home in Palo Alto, California by Klopf Architecture

The residence that combines medieval and modern design is a remodel home designed by Klopf Architecture. The remodel home is located in Palo Alto, California. In redesigning this residence, the Architect created a more open and functional space, with…

This modern cottage featuring a simple impression but feels very comfortable and suitable as a place of relaxation

The Simple and Modern Cottage in Sagaponack, New York

Life in the big city is always tinged with activities and busy schedules. It makes a person feel tired and fatigue. For that required a simple dwelling but very comfortable and very suitable for a place to relax. And…

Amazing Luxury Yacht by Intermarine 1
Yacht & Aircraft

Amazing Luxury Yacht by Intermarine

Brazilian yacht manufacturer, Intermarine designed a stunning and modern yachts. These yachts measuring 57 feet and can accommodate six passengers and the captain. The impression of a modern design look of this yacht interior. Selection of furniture is very…