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On the interior, the house using concrete, combined with a series of paintings showing the contrast with the bright colors and thick texture

Exposed Concrete House in Bogota, Colombia

The house is located in Bogota, Colombia was completed in 2013 and has an area of 7,653 square feet of space consisting of a double living and dining room, a family room, service areas, a guest bathroom, a private…

The Drolet Residence Remodeling by NatureHumaine 2

The Drolet Residence Remodeling by NatureHumaine

The fabulous Drolet Residence is a result of the renovation of NatureHumaine. This residence is located in Montreal, Canada. This house is perfect for couples who want to enjoy a honeymoon. The living room of this house deliberately created…

Three Floors Villa that Comfortable and Luxurious 1

Comfortable and Luxurious Three Floors Villa

This villa that friendly and comfortable was designed by Architektonicke Studio Atrium. This house offers a dwelling which is suitable for families and children. This three-storey house has a living room and a family room is designed minimalist and…