Speedy Bag From Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton always bring innovation in every product. One of them is Speedy bag the iconic from Louis Vuitton. Speedy bag has been launched in various types of material. This bag is also a source of inspiration for artists.

Cerises is the work of Marc Jacobs with Takashi Murakami. Monogram Cherry is very typical because the motive of cherry fruit that adorn motif classic of Louis Vuitton.

Graffiti is a Speedy bag output from Louis Vuitton that combines art, rock music and fashion. One of the masterpiece Speedy bag graffiti model is modern Speedy Monogram Graffiti.

Watercolor is the Speedy bag with bold and creative collaboration from Louis Vuitton. Richard Prince using an innovative screen printing technique, so the motive looks fade like a watercolor painting.

Roses is a Speedy bag tribute to Stephen Sprouse from Louis Vuitton. Sprouse favorite roses are used as a motive for the Monogram canvas and leather varnish.

Miroir is Speedy bag made from Mirror Vinyl material that provides a unique metal effect on this bag. Material for Monogram Miroir inspired by Sylvie Fleury, contemporary artist from Switzerland.


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