Sony SmartWatch 2, The Successor that More Advanced and Innovative

Sony SmartWatch 2 with black watch strap

Sony SmartWatch 2 with silver watch strap

Sony SmartWatch 2 is the successor of smart watches developed by Sony previously. Additional features for the SmartWatch 2 made even easier for you. Previous features also appear more stylish on SmartWatch 2.

Sony SmartWatch 2 allows you to control all notifications. Sony SmartWatch 2 can function as a phone remote, you can easily make or receive calls.

Email and social networking applications can also be easily accessed from this SmartWatch. You can also download your own favorite apps through google play.

In terms of performance, SmartWatch has an impressive battery life. You can use up to 4 days before charging again.

Protection also getting optimal for SmartWatch 2, screen scratch-resistant and water resistant an added value for this SmartWatch. Connectivity between SmartWatch and smartphones are also more easily with features one touch SmartWatch. Beside that, the display screen is also more attractive added with a choice of colors and types are more diverse for a watch strap.

watch strap color options for Sony SmartWatch 2

One Touch Smartwatch

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