Sloping Plain House in Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The house is located in Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Brazil is built on a sloping plateau with a home total area of 8.717 square feet. This house was designed by Bernardes, Jacobsen Arquitetura. The house was completed in 2011.

In addition to providing comfort, this house also provides wellness in mind. You will feel calm and avoid stress by looking at the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds this home. This house has three floors.

The house carries a conventional design, by placing the family room and the living room to socialize in downstairs and a private room in upstairs. For outdoor, placed a pool and a place to relax. outdoor side became one of the charms of this house because it has a direct view of the hills.

This house is equipped with five rooms, each of which has provided a comfortable bed and a full bathroom.

To connect the house with the surrounding landscape, the architects use wood elements as much as possible. Some floors and balconies made of wood. Applications wood materials also appear in the window. The living room also looks at one with nature because the impression of open with wide windows and wooden elements in it.




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