Scandinavian Style Apartment by Nordico with Beige Interior

The Scandinavian style apartment designed by Nordico offers a combination of light and bright spaces with a touch of patterned palette accents. The living area applies open plan with pops of beige, wood and greenery. The living area is decorated with a comfortable modern sofa, a gray rug, and the all-white chiffon curtaining and walls.

Shifted to the rear of the living area there is a dining area decorated with hanging pendant lamps to light up the wooden dining table. In the dining area there is wooden bookshelf which can also be shifted to separate with living area for more dining privacy. The bookcase plays an active part in the home’s design with 12 spaces to support the decorations.

Kitchen welcomes with hanging planters with greenery, a ceiling shelf, and pendant lights. The kitchen’s design is done in monochrome theme with geometric tiling and classic white tiling as back wall. The hallway to the bedroom is decorated with pendant lamp and leaf art print.

Modern main bedroom combines blue, white and grey. There are various accessories to beautify the sleeping area like simple wooden hanger, stand leaf print plant, and simple lounge chair. While kids’ bedroom painted with diamond patterns on the wall. And Rabbit themes add character to the room to be more cheerful.

Living Area of Scandinavian Style Apartment by Nordico with Beige Interior

Simple Wooden Bookshelf separate Dining Area and Living Area

Grey flooring geometric tiling

Kitchen with Hanging Shelves

Kitchen's design is done in monochrome theme

Scandinavian Bedroom

Waiting area with simple lounge chair

Scandinavian kids bedroom with beige diamond wallpaper

Modern kids bedroom

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