Samabe Bali Resort & Villas


Samabe Bali Resort & Villas is a luxury resort located on Bali island. Samabe Bali Resort & Villas offers beautiful views, luxurious and elegant rooms and a host of other facilities which are very suitable for you who want visit to Bali island to see the beautiful scenery and get peace.

Samabe Bali Resort & Villas is located in Nusa Dua southern part with area of approximately 8 acres and has facilities 81 suites and luxurious and elegant villas, two restaurants and bars, a wedding chapel, beautiful natural cave with a romantic feel and few other venues.

Besides some luxury amenities offered above, Samabe Bali Resort & Villas also offers all inclusive luxury package, the room rates include unlimited consumption and some other advantages that makes you not be disappointed taking this package.

For tourists who love the culture of Bali, Samabe Bali Resort & Villas also provides activities designed to explore the cultural and natural wealth of Bali island.

Samabe Bali Resort & Villas, the plan will be unveiled in February next year, so for those of you who wanted to feel the comfort of the facilities offered by this resort please be patient. Because Samabe Bali Resort & Villas will make your vacation to the island of Bali feels more fun and meaningful.


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