Rosewood Beijing, The First China Hotel For Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Rosewood Beijing is the first China hotel for Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. This hotel was officially opened in mid-October 2014. The architectural design extravaganza coupled with a classic feel and culture of China is characteristic of this magnificent hotel.

Visitors will be taken to find a valuable experience offered by this hotel. Various best deals have been prepared by this hotel to spoil the visitors.

This magnificent hotel is located in the downtown which allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful panorama of urban areas at night. Rosewood Beijing is designed to introduce Rosewood to Asia. Magnificent concept with a bandage Asian flavors make guests will feel the comfort and tranquility.

Rosewood Beijing also offers high value art accessories. The concept of contemporary and modern wrapped with art artistic value can be seen from the furniture and accessories are exhibited by this hotel. Visitors will be taken to enjoy the artwork of the China reliable artists.

Rosewood Beijing also provides luxurious decor and comfort, variety delicious food menu and fun entertainment, technological sophistication and variety of  dazzling luxurious amenities.

Rosewood Beijing Country Kitchen

Rosewood Beijing MEI

Rosewood Beijing Pavilion Entrance

Rosewood Beijing RED BOWL

Rosewood Beijing Swimming Pool

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