Ricoh WG-5 GPS, Combination of Digital Camera with GPS

Ricoh WG-5 GPS is a pocket camera that can be used in water to depth of fourteen meters. This camera is a combination of digital camera with GPS. Ricoh WG-5 GPS has very tough body, this camera anti-freeze up to temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and shock-resistant from height of 2.2 meters.

Ricoh WG-5 GPS equipped with BSI-CMOS sensor of 16 megapixels, 3-inch LCD screen, and 25mm lens with 4x optical zoom using lens diaphragm F2.0. This camera is also equipped with six LED Flash Macro that can be used to shoot macro photos.

GPS module on this camera can be function to collect data of photo location. To protect body of the camera, Ricoh WG-5 GPS equipped with Dual anti-shake protection system.

One of the feature that also be mainstay of this camera is Mermaid Mode. This feature allows you to generate two photos just with single press the shutter button of this camera. One photo with flash and one photo without flash.

Ricoh WG-5 GPS Orange 1

Ricoh WG-5 GPS Orange 3

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