Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold Sunglasses

Ray Ban offer sunglasses to aviator made of 18 carat gold. This luxury sunglasses framed with frames made of gold. Aviator model sunglasses from Ray Ban are suitable for use male or female.

Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold Sunglasses 1

Originally sunglasses frame of aviator models launched for pilots as protection from sunlight. But with a growing world of fashion, this sunglasses have become one of the favorites of the most popular by fashion lovers.

Beside frames made of gold, this sunglasses is also equipped with a lens that uses high quality materials. With iconic models, certainly this sunglasses is feasible to add your collection. This sunglasses only produced 1200 pieces and is priced at US$ 3800.

Ray Ban Aviator Solid Gold Sunglasses 2

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