Pininfarina’s Icon 85 Collection, the Breathtaking Series of Stylish Items

To celebrate the 85th anniversary, Pininfarina presents Pininfarina’s Icon 85 collection. This style item collection consists of six exclusive products, bracelets, sunglasses, polo, an innovative stationery, travel bags and pens.

This collection is limited production, each item only produced 85 pieces. Pininfarina’s Icon 85 collection reflects the passion, elegance, expertise and important detail.

1. Napkin Forever Pininfarina Cambiano

Napkin Forever Pininfarina Cambiano

Napkin Forever Pininfarina Cambiano is a classic symbol of sophistication and style, this pen is a revolutionary product that uses no ink and needs no refills thanks to a patented metal alloy created by Napkin. Price of this pen $450.

2. Lozza Sunglasses

Lozza Sunglasses

These light and sporty sunglasses are made of aluminum and gold. These glasses reflect a touch of style with simple design but wrapped with a strong blue color. Price of this sunglasses $670.

3. Horo Polo

Horo Polo

This t-shirts are created using innovative technology and patented by Horo. Basic material of this t-shirt is made from bio-organic cotton with a touch of 23 carat gold so this t-shirt comfortable to wear and looks stylish. Price of this t-shirt $335.

4. Visconti Carbongraphite

Visconti Carbongraphite

This ultra-stylish writing instrument is on the cutting edge of innovation thanks to the use of unidirectional graphite. Visconti Carbongraphite is sleek in design. Price of this writing instrument $2,800.

5. Baraka Bracelet

Baraka Bracelet

This bracelet is Characterized by a unique and continuous line rendered in a beautiful blue matte. This bracelet can make your style more lively and elegant. Price of this bracelet $840.

6. The Bridge Travel Bag

The Bridge Travel Bag

This blue leather bag is perfect for travelers. This bag uses a combination of leather and fabric for a strong and resistant product. Gold hardware adds to the cool factor. Price of this travel bag $1,680.

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