Mountain Destinations in the World to Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

You like to enjoy the beauty of nature, hiking, traveling and loved the adrenalin challenges. Then you shall visit these mountains. Beautiful scenery and thrilling sensations can you feel by visiting these mountains.

1. Annapurna
Annapurna is collection of mountain peaks that are included in Himalaya mountains. This mountain is one of the world’s highest mountain. Annapurna mountain peaks are always covered by snow. To do trekking in this region should be done in March, April, October and November.

Annapurna Mountain 1
2. Danxia
Danxia mountain located in southwest and southeast regions of China. Color of this mountain looks like color gradation of the rainbow. Stunning landscape of this mountain is the result of geological phenomena that formed millions of years ago.

Danxia Mountain 1
3. Roraima
This mountain is located in South America. Roraima mountain peak is width land that is often called table mountain. You can see a beautiful view of the expanse of clouds from the summit of this mountain.

Roraima Mountain 1

4. Hallasan
Journey to climb Hallasan mountain is very pleasant. Because you will find four thousand species of animals and one thousand eight hundred species of plants here. This mountain is located in South Korea and there are Baekrokkdam lake at the top of this mountain.

Hallasan Mountain 1

5. Pamir
Hiking trail of Pamir mountain presents a remarkable beauty. In this mountain there is a very beautiful lake like Karakku lake and Blake lake. This mountain is located in the territory of Tajikistan.


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