Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter, The Convenient Luxury Van

Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter Photo1

Modification house, Lexani Motorcars change luxury van Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter into a comfortable and luxurious stay. Lexani Motorcars modify this car with additional facilities. Even some facility parts in this car is coated with gold.Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter Photo2

Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter Photo3


On the interior, there are four passenger seat and driver cabin seat that coated high quality cream leather. This car is also equipped with luxurious ceramic toilet, marble floors and gold wardrobe. Additionally, Lexani Motorcars also offers options of interior according to taste and user needs.

Basic facilities for this car is equipped with 4G internet access, 14 inch television and other advanced devices. The car price ranges from 450 thousand dollars to 500 thousand dollars.Mercedes-Benz-B6-Sprinter-Photo5

Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter Photo6

Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter Photo7

Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter Photo8

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