Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere Handbag



Speedy Bandouliere is a bag with Monogram canvas material from Louis Vuitton. Speedy Bandouliere is a collection of Speedy handbags in 2011. Speedy Bandouliere bag has a fashionable design like other Speedy bag. Besides a fashionable design, this bag is more functional than the previous Speedy bag.

Louis Vuitton make the design of Speedy Bandouliere with a little different from the previous Speedy bag. Speedy Bandouliere is a the first Speedy bag has design of long strap on the shoulder that can be removed and adjustable in length. strap on this bag is made of cowhide leather.

Speedy Bandouliere has many functions. This bag can be worn with a variety of ways such as slung or hung on the shoulder which can make you look more elegant, it can also be used in other ways such as to carry in hand or in the arm that makes the shoulder strap can function as an interesting detail.

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