Ju Ma Na Restaurant in Bali


Ju Ma Na is a the cliff-top restaurant overlooking the Indian Ocean. Like pearls floating on the waters. In here there is space outside and inside to eat also an elegant bar area. Tone with white color dominates the restaurant. Indoor is used the glitter material so that it looks shiny. The floor looks luxurious with glossy coating layer. While the walls are decorated with shards of glass and shells.

Beside as a restaurant, Ju Ma Na is a place to relax. The view here is very beautiful with sofas leads to the ocean. View of the beach in Bali is a plus value for this restaurant. Large windows make the sun go up into the building. A variety of accessories in the dining area of this restaurant also makes the display of this restaurant look pretty.

Ju Ma Na restaurant uses the concept of contemporary fine dining with a mainstay menu is the fresh seafood. Besides seafood, Ju Ma Na restaurant also provides other delicious menu. For those who want to eat accompanied by gusts of wind and sound of the waves may elect outdoor dining. With the feel of a romantic dinner made Ju Ma Na restaurant to be a place worth to visit.

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