Develop Modern Lifestyle With Latest Innovation Products

Technological developments greatly contributed to the development of the modern lifestyle. Products such as Smartphone, Tablet PC, Digital Compact Camera until Ultrabook has become part of people’s lifestyles today. These products into goods to be possessed by the modern lifestyle. For that, in this post we will summarize some of the latest technology products that surely will give a big change for your modern lifestyle.

Ultrabook, Asus Zenbook Prime

Ultrabook, Asus Zenbook Prime

Ultrabook, Asus Zenbook Prime
After the innovation of Laptops and notebooks, now ultrabook be the answer for those of you who want a practical device with high performance. Ultrabook is designed with a lightweight, long battery life and Instant On features. Asus Zenbook Prime is equipped with Bang & Olufsen assembly speaker. This ultrabook using processor Intel Core i7 and In-Plane Switching panel, which can sharpen visual and enable a wider viewing angle.

Smartphone, HTC One X
With the development of technology, appear smartphone that ease you to access everything, from phone, video call, media players, digital cameras, navigation, web access, push email and a variety of other applications that can be downloaded easily. Using the latest processor, Quad Core, HTC One X is equipped with operating system Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Another feature is also a advantage of HTC One X is simultaneous HD video and image recording, also audio of Beats.

Compact Camera, Canon G1X
The appearance various digital compact camera on the market prove that the presence of these products are in great demand. Form more handy and features that resemble a professional camera makes this camera suitable to be taken on vacation, partying, and to document the unique things in your daily life. Canon G1X enhanced with DIGIC 5 processor powered 14.3 megapixel CMOS which have better control at high ISO sensitivity.

Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
With a touch screen and a variety of interesting applications, tablet becomes one of the compulsory thing for women who need high productivity and creativity. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has an advantage stylus S Pen as a means of writing and drawing. Beside that, this tablet has multiscreen feature to run two applications simultaneously on a single screen.

Glasses-Free 3D TV, Toshiba Regza R-21
Starting from Smart TV that allows you to access online services, now you can enjoy 3D display without glasses. Toshiba introduced 3D TV that can be enjoyed without using a special glasses. With the development of Engine Cevo Two S and Face Tracking feature, allowing you to enjoy 3D display without using a glasses.

Portable Gaming Console, Sony Playstation Vita
The right interactive game can function to clear your mind and stimulate the brain. By using Sony Playstation Vita you can play online with eight players. Beside that, the visual display of OLED screen in Playstation Vita resembles graphic display of PS3, that will be increasingly pamper your eyes.

GPS, TomTom Via 620
Navigation device GPS (Global Positioning System) initially developed for military purposes. Now, GPS became a practical tool that can lead you on the road. Equipped with 6 inch screen and Dual Mounting System, TomTom Via 620 gives you a more comprehensive visual display. Plus Split Screen feature that can tell the travel route when through the branched streets will simplify you to drive.

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