Design and Architecture Beautiful Greenhouse (1)

Blue Greenhouse

Blue Greenhouse

In the modern era, the architecture is required to be more creative in designing a house, house not just as a place to live but also have high artistic value. Even now houses and buildings made of glass. In this post we show some beautiful greenhouse design that we collected from various sources.

Leonardo Glass Cube House
Leonardo Glass Cube is a pavilion with walls made of glass. This greenhouse is located in Bad Driburg, Germany. This greenhouse was designed by 3Deluxe. This greenhouse was built to be used as an informal meeting place and hospitality company. Leonardo Glass Cube house is also equipped with six-meter panel and the gentle sound of the wind, which can make you feel relaxed and calm.

Sliding Greenhouse
For some people certainly would never anticipate what is going to be made by dRMM Architecture. Because home building that was designed by dRMM Architecture not an ordinary house building. They created a sliding house. This house looks like a plain wooden house, but when looking in more detail it turns out the wall was originally made in wood can be moved and replaced with a beautiful wall made in glass.

Lake Greenhouse
This greenhouse called The Watervilla Kortenhoef located in Netherlands. This greenhouse presents a view of beautiful lake that can be seen from all over of the walls. Beside the walls made of glass, the floor of this house is also made of glass that allows us to see the surface of the lake water.

Blue Greenhouse
The greenhouse that dominated with blue color is designed by Milano, Carlo Cantambrogio. But this beautiful greenhouse cann’t be occupied because only is part of a greenhouse artwork series. The House entirely made of blue glass is indeed made us feel like floating in the air while sleeping there.

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