Creative Sofa Design Shaped Qwerty Keyboard

Qwerty Keyboard Sofa Photo 1

In the digital era, the use of keyboard is not a foreign thing. Button ofqwerty keyboard on the laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone. Inspired by qwerty keyboard button make the Italian architectural firm, ZO_loft designing a sofa shaped Qwerty keypad on the keyboard.

Besides the unique design, this sofa also has other advantages. This sofa can made into a bed. The presence of this sofa certainly provide its own color in the world of interior design, especially the furniture design.

This sofa is very suitable to be placed in your living room. Creative ideas clad technology theme is the impression gained from this sofa. For those of you who always keep up with technology and also like creative ideas certainly this sofa is perfect to accompany your day at home.

Qwerty Keyboard Sofa Photo 3

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