Cozy And Contemporary Apartment

Apartment that Comfortable and contemporary is located in Milan city, Italy. Design of this apartment looks minimalist but with the impression of elegance and luxury. The white color was chosen to make the room look bright. Light easily enter into the room through glass roof and windows.

Cozy And Contemporary Apartment 1
This roof apartment gives the impression of cozy and warm. This apartment also provides an outdoor terrace for a place to relax and have fun. One of the interesting features on the outdoor terrace is the Jacuzzi equipped with automatic heating system that serves to keep the water temperature is always in warm state.

Wooden floors make each room in this apartment more stunning. Wood floors seemed to blend with the contemporary design of this apartment. With limited space, the architects managed to create comfortable, beautiful and elegant dwelling.

Cozy And Contemporary Apartment 3

Cozy And Contemporary Apartment 5

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