Comfortable and Stylish Workspaces Design Ideas for Two People

The need for work space in every home is increasing. Many residents want a comfortable work area design in their home. Even, now the design of work space for two people more enthusiasts to facilitate each family member in work or study. Here are some home office design ideas that are comfortable and stylish for two people.

1. Back to Back Workspace

Back to Back Workspace

Setting back to back tables is very effective to avoid interference from other computer screens. Simple wooden tables combined with seats equipped with comfortable mats will make you more focused on working.

2. Side by Side Workspace

Side by Side Workspace

This home office is made very comfortable and leaves plenty of space. Both work areas are very well separated to ensure comfort in working. The inset lights are added to make it easier to find reference materials stored neatly on the top shelf.

3. Wall Mounted Sideboard Workspace

Wall Mounted Sideboard Workspace

For those who work only using a laptop or simple work equipment can utilize wall-mounted sideboards to produce a comfortable work area without eating a lot of places.

4. Under Stairs Double Workspace

Under Stairs Double Workspace

Utilize the empty down stairs area into a comfortable work area. You can put a chair and two simple small tables. As a sweetener, can be added a simple rack above the desk.

5. Desert Themed Home Office

Desert Themed Home Office

This desert-themed bedroom can be a comfortable work area. When bored, you can use a laptop and work from a couch, bed, or hammock.

6. Library Home Office

Library Home Office

The design of the library style work space is a dream for book lovers. This work area is equipped with a complete bookcase and a ladder to pick up a book on the top shelf.

7. Kids Bedroom Workspace

Kid's Bedroom WorkSpace

This work area is positioned in the child’s bedroom. You can work while accompanying children to play or keep the child asleep.

8. Face to Face Workspace

Face to Face Workspace

This simple workspace only stores office equipment and simple decorations on the shelf. It does not take much space to design workspaces, but make sure the lighting needs are met.

9. Artwork Home Office

Artwork Home Office

Artwork on the feature wall can be a sweetener space that makes you more active in learning or working. You can stick motivational quotes on the walls, photographs of breathtaking natural scenery or other artwork that can add to your passion for work.

10. Living Room Workspace

Living Room Home Office

If you do not have enough free space in the house to create a work area, you can use the living room as a workspace. you can design a simple work area in one corner of the living room without disturbing the function of the living room itself.

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