Chanel J12 Chromatic Watch


Chanel launched a new watch is named J12 Chromatic. This timepiece is elegantly made to pamper its users. Look the design of this watch is made in comfort on the wrist.

In the manufacture of this watch, Chanel wearing a titanium base material, thus making this watch have a great strength which makes it scratch resistant and has a brilliant shine so it looks very stylish.

Titanium material used in this clock is titanium for the ceramic so if smeared with diamond powder will be able to capture light and reflect it very well.

Titanium material of this type ever used for Formula 1 cars and heat shields for space shuttles, so undoubtedly its power. In addition to the strength of titanium material, which makes this watch more attractive is the addition of diamonds makes this clock look more elegant.

For fans of watch of Chanel brand of course J12 Chromatic watch may be an option for adorn your wrist and complement your accessories in dressed or attend an event. Beside that, J12 Chromatic watch also suitable for use in a relaxed state.



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