Chanel Cosmique Collection Jewelry

French fashion brand, Chanel presents collection of jewelry that combines white gold with diamonds. Luxury jewelry collection of Chanel is take the theme of the night sky.

Rings of Chanel Cosmique Collection Jewelry
Before releasing cosmique collection jewelry, previously Chanel has introduced their jewelry collection inspired by the comet, Nuit de Diamants (Night of Diamonds), Voie Lactee (Milky Way) and Etoile Filante (Shooting Star).

This time, Chanel presents the cosmic line, by releasing collection of jewelry with modern and minimalist style. This jewelry wear main material ceramics with high technology.

Chanel Cosmique Collection Jewelry consists of rings and pendants necklaces. These rings and necklaces embedded star and diamond is made of 18k white gold. This jewelry using two neutral colors, black and white.

Chanel Cosmique Collection Jewelry

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