Breitling Emergency Timepiece, Sophisticated Watches For Extreme Situations

Sure your diving, sailing, flying, aviation watch might be pretty cool, but Breitling just announced the launch of Emergency, a new timepiece that can actually save lives. Outfitted with a personal locator beacon, this watch is one of the first wrist-worn beacon dials in the world.

Breitling has a long history of providing watches for important situations. And this tradition has always made Breitling eager to always give the best.

Breitling Emergency Timepiece is equipped with a sophisticated little device that serves as a beacon. This device can send danger signals using multiple frequencies.

The beacon also holds transmission records for reliability and is fairly easy to operate. When one cap of the antenna is unscrewed and extended on one side, a second cap on the opposite side opens and the transmitter is activated.

Breitling Emergency Timepiece is an exceptional timepiece with all the specialized accoutrements of contemporary sports watches. The electronic chronograph features 12- and 24-hour analog and digital displays, alarms, timers, a 1/100th second chronograph, a secondary time zone, a multi-lingual calendar, and a battery life indicator.

The watch and transmitter have been designed and manufactured as two separate device to ensure the best operation for both. This, of course, takes up more power, but the device has a rechargeable battery that is 1,000 times more powerful than cell batteries.

Breitling Emergency Timepiece, Sophisticated Watches For Extreme Situations 1


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