Bat Levitating Mouse, Cool Mouse That Can Levitating

Bat Levitating Mouse photo 1

Bat Levitating Mouse photo 2

The development of technology has always raises many innovations of gadgets that complement and facilitate daily life. For those of you who often works with computer, must be familiar with the use of a mouse. If you are bored with the form of mouse that too usual. You should try to use mouse this one.

Presents Bat levitating Mouse, cool mouse that not only can be used to support activities while working with a computer, but also can drift! This tool has an ergonomic design.

The initial purpose of this mouse made is to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are attacked because of the habit of working with hands in the long term.

This mouse can levitate assisted by a magnetic. This mouse can be floated up to 240 mm. When the mouse in levitate condition, you just move the mouse without need to hold it. With the presence of this mouse is expected to will increasingly provide convenience in activities in front of the computer.

Bat Levitating Mouse photo 3

Bat Levitating Mouse photo 4

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