AUDI A1 TFSI, City Sports Coupe Sedan by Audi

Audi continues to innovate to create a car that is comfortable and fun to drive. One of the Audi output new car is a city sports coupe sedan that is named Audi A1 TFSI.

With the size of a personal vehicle, Audi A1 TFSI, is able through the dense traffic conditions and can explore the small streets of town. Audi A1 TFSI designed sporty so has the impression of agility. The look is stylish also makes this car able to grab public attention.

Audi A1 TFSI is equipped with LED headlamps. For the inside of the cabin, the interior with base material black leather dominates the entire of cabin. The combination of Black and red colors into an interesting mix of colors on the seat.

In addition to the comfortable interior, Audi A1 TFSI is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with 178 hp power and 250 Nm maximum torque that can spur Audi A1 TFSI with a speed of 224 km / hour.





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