Apple Watch, Smart Timepiece From Apple

Apple Watch Sport

Apple officially launches smart timepiece, Apple Watch. One thing that distinguishes Apple Watch with a similar device that had already circulated in the market is Apple Watch more sophisticated and more luxurious.

Apple Watch is designed minimalist with combining two concepts, namely sophistication and style. Apple Watch reflects a mini computer in your wrist.

To optimize the performance of Apple Watch, Apple Watch must be connected with iPhone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Apple provides this watch in three categories: watch, watch sport and watch edition.

Apple Watch offers a number of features such as receiving phone and notification of iPhone, check social media, recorded heartbeat, control music, track physical activity, reading and answering emails.

In addition, there are also features Apple Pay, which allows you to pay for shopping just by gluing a watch on a special machine. Even, in some hotels, Apple Watch can be used as the key to unlocking the door of the room. Apple Watch also can be operated by voice commands, because it is integrated with Siri.

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