Amazing Raja Ampat Islands

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Raja Ampat Islands is located at the end western of New Guinea, one of the islands that have the best reef areas in Indonesia. Besides famous as one of the best tours in the world, Raja Ampat is also famous for diving tours. Underwater scenery at Raja Ampat transparent and very stunning. In addition, we can also use the speedboat to sail around amazing Raja Ampat islands.

Waters of Raja Ampat islands is one of the best waters for diving sites around the world. Even Raja Ampat Islands have added value with completeness of underwater flora and fauna.

Several unique species that can be encountered in Raja Ampat underwater among other types of mini seahorses, wobbegong. We can also dive accompanied by benign manta ray. There are also endemic fish of Raja Ampat, Eviota king, a kind of gobbie fish, collection of tuna, giant trevallies and snappers. And of course collection of barracuda fish. In some places can also be found dugongs.

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