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AM37, The First Aston Martin Powerboat

Great Britain luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin introduced the first Aston Martin powerboat, AM37. AM37 is a collaboration between Aston Martin with yacht manufacturer, Quintessence Yachts. This Powerboat has a number of revolutionary features. One is a slide deck and onboard computer technology.

AM37 is a reflection of Aston Martin in terms of beauty, strength and comfort with the concept of a yacht. A number of high-tech user-friendly features installed in this cool powerboat. One of the most prominent, of course, the sliding deck that can be closed cockpit boat.

Deck consists of three carbon panels that can be controlled by an electronic command. AM37 also comes with an integrated navigation system, monitor control, entertainment system with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control. The user interface of the multimedia and entertainment system is installed in the 15-inch HD touch-screen on the dashboard. Owner also has a dedicated display for monitoring the engine status and navigation.

AM37, The First Aston Martin Powerboat 2

AM37, The First Aston Martin Powerboat 5

AM37, The First Aston Martin Powerboat 7

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