Aivvy Q, More Than Just a Headphone

Avvy Q not just regular headphones, Avvy Q also functions as music player. These headphones can work without having connect to mobile phone or other device. Aivvy Q headphone give you direct access to millions songs collection quickly and easily.

Aivvy Q can synchronize and recommend songs that you like. Beside that, battery life of these headphones is also durable. For single battery charge can last up to forty hours.

Aivvy Q, More Than Just a Headphone 3
When this headphone is connected to WiFi, then this headphones automatically will access Aivvy cloud services that can you use to download new songs that you like.

Aivvy Q headphone have touch panel on the side of the earcup which function to control the songs, playlists and streaming channel that you are currently playing.

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