A Story Behind Fragrances

Each fragrance has an inspiring story in the manufacturing process. Here we present some fragrance products with scents appropriate with our story and feelings.

Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey Florale,
transparent bottle design like glass that is designed to interpreting a serenity make heart shaded. The rose became the main soul of this fragrance. In the middle of the sweetness of floral aroma, the presence of orange and white woods makes this fragrance is become the combination of the unforgettable freshness.

Gianfranco Ferre In The Mood For Love,
The series of floral scents such as magnolia and tamarind, with a mix of bergamot and orange describe the freshness of this fragrance. Harmonization of the fragrance that captures the feeling of falling in love, feels refreshing and brings happiness feelings. plus white color that dominates the design of the bottle represents design of Gianfranco Ferre who always looks modern and elegant.

Love, Chloe,
Pink color on the design of bottle and the packaging became the first impression that represent this fragrance. Added with the scent of exotic flowers like lilac, hyacinth and wisteria blossom can produce captivating aroma collaboration and always remembered in mind. Additional iconic compositions such as almond and vanilla in every brand fragrance, makes this fragrance was soft and soothing.


Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom,
Pleasure iconic fragrances, generated through a touch of metal and flower fuchsia color with playful impression. Plus the composition of violet flower, pink peonies, raspberry and lychee fruits, makes this fruity floral fragrance feels refreshing. This fragrance invites each woman with a fun and carefree personality to enjoy the life through simple moments.


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